In-house/classroom-style certification training.

We provide classroom style training courses with certification exams for the following:

PRINCE2® Foundation + Practitioner    (5 days)
AgilePM®   Foundation + Practitioner     (4 days)
Managing Benefits® Foundation + Practitioner (4 days)
Benefits Modelling and Analysis Workshop (2 days – non-certified in-house)
Modular Scrum Team Training (1-3 days, not including online certification exams)

These courses are officially accredited courses which are delivered in accordance to the relevant accreditation institute’s quality criteria, based on the official syllabus and including the related certification exams.

These courses are a very good starting point for people who need to learn one of the methodologies above and obtain certification, either to open up new career opportunities or to strengthen their knowledge and competency in what they do already.

For clients that are time-poor, it is not necessary to attend the entire course all at once, the different days of a classroom style course can be distributed over a period of time and can also be complemented with online training and coaching to provide a blended learning solution.