Trainer Led

We provide trainer-led training courses with certification exams. These courses are officially accredited courses which are delivered in accordance to the relevant accreditation institute’s quality criteria, based on the official syllabus and including the related certification exams.

Delivery modes include classroom-style and online (webinar based) delivery


We recognise that certification training alone is not sufficient to ensure effective and beneficial application of the methodologies; clients often need help and advice in putting what they have learned into practice. Our coaching services complement training and are available whenever and wherever they are needed.

Online Training

As Approved Training Partners of VMEdu Inc. we are able to provide a range of online training courses with online exams. Online training courses enable customers to learn at a time and place of their choosing, and meet the needs of “time-poor” customers.

We help organisations, project teams and individuals implement and apply methods, optimising project delivery and benefit realisation.

We complement official certification training with on-the-job coaching (in person or virtual one-to-one) and facilitation, ensuring that our Customers get best value for money not only by achieving certification, but also by enhancing competency and performance.

Our Customers obtain official certification in best practice methods. We help them put what they have learned into practice and work in a way that is repeatable and consistent, thus improving their own and their team’s effectiveness.

The combination of our experience and flexibility enables our Customers to learn, grow and enjoy being good at what they do.

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